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Pretty Girl

Hello guys, it’s the beginning of another new week. Hope you all had a great weekend cos I did. My Saturday was for Owanbe with an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in years and it was great catching up with her. My Sunday was totally for rest, preparing for the new week and of course MOVIES!!!


Last week, I stumbled on this song on my Apple playlist. Usually, I am not the type that just download songs except I have heard it somewhere before or someone has mentioned it to me before but when I saw this one, I was tempted to listen to it first before downloading. The first verse and chorus got to me and I had to google the lyrics and sing along as I listen.

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Staying Relevant Goes Beyond Looks

Hello Debwritesblog lovers, I’m here again. Fourth post in a week and it feels so good. That feeling to be inspired and share is second to none *well, only a writer will understand that part*😉 We pray for more inspiration, no more writer block and the time to share, Amen🙏🏼

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Letting Go…


So many times in our lives, we hold on tight to the most mundane thing we ought to let go.
The only reason we find ourselves holding on to this is because we lack the strength to let go. A bad habit you wish to stop but feel you cannot, a friend that keeps bringing you down, that toxic relationship that keeps tearing you apart piece by pieces, that terrible job that keeps you away from achieving milestones in life, that particular course you find no joy in doing but have to because your parent decide you must do it, that abusive marriage that will one day take your life if you don’t walk away soon…

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Monday Motivation


Very often, we make plans about what we wish for and we sometimes get disappointed as we don’t always get what we want. We aspire to achieve certain goals before a particular time and we get our hopes dashed due to circumstances beyond us. That does not define us as a failure. It is part of the sacrifices we just have to make. Always believe in yourself and agree with yourself that Whatever you have become, you have chosen to be. And you’d see yourself scaling greater heights than you can ever imagine.

Have a successful week ahead.


Today’s Motivation

Stop living your life based on other people’s opinion of you as long as they don’t feed you, clothe you or pay your bills! I am an advocate of this because sometimes I am guilty of it. I get so worried about making a decision because of what someone else will say. Eventually I do what is in my heart but in that moment of hesitation, you have shown just how weak you are and how you allow your life be controlled by others.



Live your life as you would want to teach your child how to live hers. Stop waiting for their approval to make that choice. Whatever decision you make, you’d be the only one to live with it tomorrow. So why bother what they say or suggest?

Get on with it and live my dear! Have a beautiful weekend.


Today’s Motivation

I was meant to post this on Monday but had a few challenges so I am going to post without editing some parts…


Happy new week DC readers, trust you had a beautiful weekend? So I am changing Today’s Quote to Today’s Motivation as I feel motivation led to the post and that should be the appropriate title.

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