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Should Age Be A Factor to Choosing your Ideal Role Model?

Hello darlings, I am really sorry for my inconsistency here. Truth be told, I have loads of write ups on my notes but I haven’t had time to edit and share them as I love to share from my computer. But going forward, I will always learn to share from my mobile WordPress app. 

I am a day late from my fashion post. I am going to share before the week runs out.
Let’s move on to today’s topic…

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I used to like Dammy (not her real name). She was a pretty girl, courageous, always happy, an achiever, already has 2 academic qualifications and some juicy certification to her name. And a successful entrepreneur. She is well traveled, learned and a multilingual. She was every girl’s ideal role model! 

I stalk her everyday on my Instagram and even had to follow her on Snapchat just to know more about her and see how she balanced life, school and even social media with her success.

…until she celebrated a birthday and I realized I was 3 years older…

I was angry!

How could I be modeling my life after a young girl as such!

I felt I had lived a lie since I started modeling my life in her path. I felt there was nothing I could have learnt from her. I concluded she was just too young to teach me anything. I believed I should look at people in my age group or older than I am. Honestly, I was so full of spite for her.

Until I learnt better…

We live in a society where people look down on you immediately they learn your age. This is the reason why most people just choose to hide their age. If you are too young, they tend to treat you as inexperienced. If you are too old, they scorn you for still being in the position you are without a success story.

It’s a crazy society we live in.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has felt that way. I eventually learnt Dammy should have being a challenge to me and set me on my toes to do better.

I shouldn’t have hated the poor girl for being so blessed, successful and intelligent. I personally feel age shouldn’t be a determinant to who we fashion our lives after. As long as such a person fit into our ideal role model.

I think people just seem to not like each other and get too spiteful. If I could love Kylie Jenner hustle and envy her (she’s way more younger than I am), then why not celebrate another simply because she’s black like I am.

We seem to believe nobody knows it all than we are because she’s younger than we are, that’s why we remain in a position for too long.

Be teachable! 
Be correctable!
Accept mistakes!
Stop spiting people simple because they are younger than you and do better than you
Age shouldn’t be a factor to who you can learn from. Everyone has a different measure of success.
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Don’t Be That Girl

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Don’t be that girl

Who strongly advocates for feminism

And now preaches endurance and submission

Don’t be that girl

Who swore never to ‘settle’

But now desperate to marry anyone

Don’t be that girl

Who chastise other girls who club, drink and smoke

You now own a club and hate your friends who don’t patronize you

Don’t be that girl

Who condemns girls who run after other girl’s boyfriend

You are now married to your best friend husband

Don’t be that girl

Who is the first to insult every babymama online

You are on your sixth abortion

Don’t be that girl

Who is quick to judge other girls who still live with their parents

This is the fifth friend you have put up with in 3months

Don’t be that girl

Who is desperate to fits in

All the boutique owners lock their store whenever you approach

Don’t be that girl

Who berates other girls for been too selective

Shiloh 2016 is almost here…

Aunty, never say never!!!

Thanks for reading darlings, I love to read your feedback…

TMI (Too Much Information) Tag


Hello darlings, been wanting to know a little about me than what I wish to share. Well, you have it now…


I came across this TMI (Too Much Information ) tag on Funke Olotu’s blog and I cringed when I read it, you can read hers here. To be honest, while reading…I was answering the questions for my part but when I got to a point I said Nooooo…this is too much. But here I am, she challenged me and I hate a challenge so I gotta answer!😢😢 Continue reading

Pretty Girl

Hello guys, it’s the beginning of another new week. Hope you all had a great weekend cos I did. My Saturday was for Owanbe with an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in years and it was great catching up with her. My Sunday was totally for rest, preparing for the new week and of course MOVIES!!!


Last week, I stumbled on this song on my Apple playlist. Usually, I am not the type that just download songs except I have heard it somewhere before or someone has mentioned it to me before but when I saw this one, I was tempted to listen to it first before downloading. The first verse and chorus got to me and I had to google the lyrics and sing along as I listen.

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Home Chores I Detest!

Hello guys, it’s Saturday. The typical day to do laundries and loads of house chores. I love Saturdays cos it gives me time to clean out my closet and put my room in order. It’s also a day for me to love my bed the way it deserves to be loved, bond with families, hang out with my girls, and best of all watch movies! I’m a huge movie addict.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do all of this today as I had to attend a wedding. After all, Saturdays are for Owanbes (Nigerians word for parties). But then before I left home for the party, I had to quickly do a few chores so as to avoid a pile tomorrow. As I did this, I realized I was skipping some deliberately and that’s because I hate to do them.
Here goes the list:


Mopping the Floor


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I really dunno why I hate this chore but I have always avoid it. When I was younger and lived with my parents, I always make sure to pass it to my kid sister. It’s a chore I find too stressful. So immediately I smear the marble/tiles, I clean to avoid finding a reason to mop on Saturdays. I still do these days though if need be but I try to avoid it and find someone else to do for me.


Washing Pots
I am sure I’m not the only one who find myself in this dilemma. I find it annoying when I wake up to tons of pots in the sink. Who even invented pots and make them look so big? One of some can even occupy the sink space. Washing pots can be frustrating especially the ones with burnt food…aaaaargh….and those parties type of pots…please don’t try my patience!


Sorting Dried Clothes

Washing I don’t mind as long as it’s mostly my clothes and few of others. Spreading to dry, I can endure. Packing from the line, I can try. But sorting it into the closet😭😭Can someone just help me with that???? You have to select the jean from the tops from the dresses…fold or hang…who invent all these chores for crissake!



There was a time I used to enjoy ironing. It feels so good for me to iron my dresses especially and hang them in my closet waiting to be worn. Suddenly, it is has become a task I don’t look forward to. Especially a starched outfit, sweet Lord…I can never iron that one without a crease. Thank God for dry cleaners.




Which one would you have added to the list?


Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share if you like this post.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Staying Relevant Goes Beyond Looks

Hello Debwritesblog lovers, I’m here again. Fourth post in a week and it feels so good. That feeling to be inspired and share is second to none *well, only a writer will understand that part*😉 We pray for more inspiration, no more writer block and the time to share, Amen🙏🏼

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Saying No


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I used to feel terrible whenever I say No to someone. I feel I am being rude and I have hurt someone’s feelings. I feel more terrible when I have to ignore the person so I can avoid turning them down to their face. Most times, I realized I end up hurting myself more than the person I’m scared to hurt. Because eventually, I discover what I have accepted to do, I cannot carry through.

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When Does Childbearing Become Shameful?

‘Her son is barely 6 months and she’s pregnant again?’

‘I used to think she would be one who understands what child spacing mean?’

‘Child spacing??? Her first child was just 8 months when she had her second.’

‘Jesus! She is so shameful to womanhood.’

‘I even used to think she is a career woman and would take time to pursue her career instead of birthing up and down like a dog. She just used marriage to put a full stop to her career.’

‘So disgusting.’

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Letting Go…


So many times in our lives, we hold on tight to the most mundane thing we ought to let go.
The only reason we find ourselves holding on to this is because we lack the strength to let go. A bad habit you wish to stop but feel you cannot, a friend that keeps bringing you down, that toxic relationship that keeps tearing you apart piece by pieces, that terrible job that keeps you away from achieving milestones in life, that particular course you find no joy in doing but have to because your parent decide you must do it, that abusive marriage that will one day take your life if you don’t walk away soon…

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From the Archives: The Night

I am back again with another post from my archives. This was written in 2011. After reading this, I really wonder what was going through my mind as I penned this down…I really wish…


Souls moan in anguish of our cruelty

Hens return to roost

The goats stop bleating

Birds cease to fly

Men retire to their bosom

And lovers cling to each other

Vehicles seek their parking lot

I sigh




Flow rapidly

Where do I fit?

Woes was welcome 

I gaze u-p

And behold the sky

Despite the gloom

There is a ray of hope

The stars

In their tiny shape

Amass the sky

Illuminating my dark soul

Giving me a beam of light



Open Letter #1: To My Favorite Teacher

After reading Josephyna post on My Favorite Teacher, it evolved nostalgic memories about growing up and my mind raced back to the teachers I have met in my life and the one I have tagged my favorite teacher is…


Always wearing that big grin!

Dear Mr Ilesanmi,

It has been how many years now??? Should be 8 years since I last saw you. I was home for the holidays in my first year at the University. How we managed to see, I cannot remember now but we met at the new school you have been transferred to. We caught up on how life has treated us since we last saw 3 years after my high school graduation. It was a beautiful reunion. And yes I still learnt something from you that day: Persistence is the sustainable key to success.

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Monday Motivation


Very often, we make plans about what we wish for and we sometimes get disappointed as we don’t always get what we want. We aspire to achieve certain goals before a particular time and we get our hopes dashed due to circumstances beyond us. That does not define us as a failure. It is part of the sacrifices we just have to make. Always believe in yourself and agree with yourself that Whatever you have become, you have chosen to be. And you’d see yourself scaling greater heights than you can ever imagine.

Have a successful week ahead.


Today’s Motivation

Stop living your life based on other people’s opinion of you as long as they don’t feed you, clothe you or pay your bills! I am an advocate of this because sometimes I am guilty of it. I get so worried about making a decision because of what someone else will say. Eventually I do what is in my heart but in that moment of hesitation, you have shown just how weak you are and how you allow your life be controlled by others.



Live your life as you would want to teach your child how to live hers. Stop waiting for their approval to make that choice. Whatever decision you make, you’d be the only one to live with it tomorrow. So why bother what they say or suggest?

Get on with it and live my dear! Have a beautiful weekend.