Meet Debz


The idea is not to bore you with details about me but then I must say something about myself, yeah?

Debz is a simple girl who derives pleasure in writing. I am a lover of arts and creativity. Everyday, I experience some momentary pause and get so lost in thought thinking about a wide range of ideas from travels, food, clothes, emotions, fiction, human nature, music, books and I love to explore new places! Quite adventurous but extremely shy…

And it is funny I get my inspiration mostly from places of worship.

This writing corner shall cover some of my thoughts which I am most willing to share with you.

Let’s be friend, contact me on





8 thoughts on “Meet Debz

  1. I have not really met you in person but i think i like your personality. You have inspired me a couple of times with your write ups and i believe others have enjoyed from your prowess. You are definitely good but I know you can be better.Work more on your inner strength and put them to full use.See you at the top

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  2. Hey Debbie! It’s a privilege to have known & interacted with you in person. Please keep this up & the sky would be a starting point for you. Agape Luv dear

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