TMI (Too Much Information) Tag


Hello darlings, been wanting to know a little about me than what I wish to share. Well, you have it now…


I came across this TMI (Too Much Information ) tag on Funke Olotu’s blog and I cringed when I read it, you can read hers here. To be honest, while reading…I was answering the questions for my part but when I got to a point I said Nooooo…this is too much. But here I am, she challenged me and I hate a challenge so I gotta answer!😢😢

What are you wearing?

A black dress with an Ankara kimono (I will share this outfit with you on Wednesday)

 Ever been in love?

I have abused the word love already

 Ever had a terrible breakup?


How tall are you?

I guess 5 ‘6

How much do you weigh?

Last I check, 70kg and I almost went into a fit

 Any tattoos?

 Not yet

Any piercings?

Just the one assigned to my ears at birth. Piercings scares me…


 OTP (One True Pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple)

Mr and Mrs Smith!

 Favourite show

Scandal! If it counts…


 Favourite bands?

Not a fan of bands…


Something you miss?

Scandal series…can’t wait for it to begin again


Favourite song

Currently, Chemistry by Falz and Simi


How old are you?

I wish to answer this but not yet please…twenty something *big smiles*


Zodiac sign?

Cancer! Cancer!! Cancer!!! …dig that?…


 Quality you look for in a partner?

Fantastic sense of humor, intelligent and patient (I can be a handful)

 Favourite Quote? 

Live and let live

Favorite actor?

I have too many I don’t know who is my favorite

 Favorite color?


Loud music or soft?

Both, depends on my mood.


Where do you go when you’re sad?

I go into solitude and play very loud music while I write. My best writings come from my sad moments.


 How long does it take you to shower?

Seriously? In the morning 5minutes…At night, about 20minutes…

 Ever been in a physical fight?

Can’t remember any. I fear violence…

 Turn on

Good food, clean appearance, well spoken and intelligence

Turn off?  

Dirt, unorganized and fake

The reason I joined Youtube?

I will tell you when I join…



 Last thing that made you cry

The last scene in Oloibiri…

 Last time you said you loved someone?

Last night…

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?

My name and I’m always writing something at almost every point…

 Last book you read?

Sweet and Chocolates by Aminat Sanni-Kamal. Her Instagram handle is Aminatawastories

The book you’re currently reading?

Mummy Told Me Not To Tell by Cathy Glass

 Last show you watched


Last person you talked to

My friend cum brother

The relationship between you and the person you last texted

 Boyfriend…whatever imagination you have of that is welcome…

 Favourite food

Plantain and catfish…weird combo, yeah?

 Place you want to visit?

New York!!!

Last place you were?

In the kitchen, to brew coffee…

 Do you have a crush?

Yup…I was not asked who *tongueout*

 Last time you kissed someone?

This morning…my niece…It has become a tradition

Favourite flavour of sweet?


What instruments do you play?

Does whistle count?…I’m sorry but I suck at that…

Favourite piece of jewellery?

Errrm…my waist bead…I never take it off

Last sport you played?

Handball. I sustained an injury and it has persisted for a month now…

 Last song you sang?

Some incoherent bathroom nonsense…

Favourite chat up line?


Have you ever used it


Last time you hung out with anyone

Last night…I love hangouts

 Who should answer these questions next? 

If I start listing names, this post will be much longer than you want. So every blogger that follows me should please do and every one that reads this posts should please do- I will help you post here if you don’t have a blog. Please link me with the post so I can read…I wish to know more about you too…


Thanks for reading…cheers darlings!

10 thoughts on “TMI (Too Much Information) Tag

  1. Whatsupp 😀😀😗😀

    I enjoyed this post and my definition of boyfriend is boyfriend o 😉😌😌

    And you fear violence that’s so cool, you seen like a girly girl, I’m I right?

    And I’ve never watched scandal, I think it’s over rated even if I’ve not watched it 😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

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