Wednesday Fashion: Rocking A Vintage Shirt

For a long time, I have danced in between uploading my personal pictures in the fashion categories or not. I am someone who does not like forcing my own stuffs down people’s throat. I was skeptical about what people would think about this but then it’s my blog *tongueout*  Just kidding… I actually thought if I could share my personal journey in other categories, why not in the fashion segment. So going forward, I will share some of my fashion styles, tips, errors and success…Would try to share every Wednesday. Hope you’d love and please don’t forget to review after reading…

The vintage shirt has been trending for a while now and trust me to join the trend – I have a thing for fashion. You can check out my personal Instagram page Nectar69. Asides the fact that it is trending, I love the mix of colors it comes in and the different ways you can rock it.


I rocked this some Saturdays back to visit a friend. I started out wearing like that…

And then I unbuttoned…

To be honest, I was not comfortable with the bulge around my tummy as I had just downed a bowl of salad and plantain. Besides, I seem to be gaining so much weight these days especially around my butt, tummy and thigh. I had to switch to…

I ended up going out dressed like that.

Vintage Shirt – 7korless on Instagram

Jean and Slippers – palazodewiniboutique on Instagram

Necklace – Birthday gift

Bag, wristwatch and camisole- Random stores

Which style do you prefer? How will you style yours?


Thanks for reading…




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