Wrong Choices…

‘You are going to be a father’

‘No! No baby, not yet. We are not ready’

He panicked

She cried

He managed to convince her how the child is coming at the wrong time

They are still in school

And still rely on their parents for survival

It can’t happen now

She agreed

The child was not given a chance to decide its fate

‘I’m going to be a mother’

Noooooooo!!! How did you allow this to happen???!

‘But I told you I wasn’t safe?’

‘You could have used an after pill’

‘You could have worn a protection’

‘This is on you!’

‘You can’t be serious’

He put the blame on her this time and made her feel so bad for being careless. He told her his N19,500 NYSC allowance isn’t even enough for him much more to feed three mouths.

This time, she took decision in her hands

And never gave her baby a chance to live…

‘You should tell me what’s going on. I’ve been sitting here for an hour. Tell me whatever it is, I would understand’

‘Baby, I’m really sorry’

You have said that more than a hundred times today. What is it?

‘It was a mistake. She did not tell me until she was 5 months gone.’

‘Who? Gone where’

‘It was a very brief affair and wasn’t meant to last’

‘You cheated on me?!’

‘She has my baby now’

Everything around her came to a standstill

And then crashed!

So many ladies out there are victims of this. A lot will foolishly fall in love and end up psychologically and mentally ill for a long time. Many become so broken they cannot heal. To these ones, I pray you find peace. To those who are happy in their relationship, I hope you learn and be wise.

Thanks for reading. If you love this, you might also loveย Torn. Do not forget to leave a comment and also share with someone. You may be saving a life…


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