Some Male Fashion Trend I find Disgusting

Hello guys, it’s another beautiful week loaded with many blessings for us.


It’s been a while I share a fashion post. So we are having one today and it’s going to be about men fashion. I have come to notice that in recent times, people hardly talk about men fashion error except for ladies. Let’s talk about this, shall we?

How can a fully grown man who intends to be a father one day and he is not a rap star or the misconceived stereotypes of people who dress like this step out of his house like this?…


Pic Source: Google

I remember going out on a blind date with this guy who sounds so matured. I remember always looking forward to his chats until the date night.




I was forced to ask, “How old are you?” How on earth can a man in his early thirties dress like a twenty year old mommy’s boy. It was so disgusting, I even had to leave before the food was served.


Are you a rainbow???

You know that saying, the way you dress is the way you are addressed is not just for ladies alone. In my opinion, I feel a reasonable adult should dress as one. What is the point of flying your collar, pulling your pants beneath your waist. wearing awful haircut or wearing colorful matching belts and shoes! The amount you buy it doesn’t matter, please. It makes you appear cheap. Why don’t you invest that amount in matured adult-like outfit. You can read this 11 Ways Guys Dress Horribly Wrong.


Nigga, if you hate a tie so much and the thought of buttoning your shirt repels you, why don’t you just wear a decent tee and a neutral color pant and shoe. I really do not know how else to help you dress but you can read Men’s Fashion Magazines or even use google.


Not every lady loves to date a traffic light. A decent and smart lady, trust me will not date you because your style precedes who you really are. Except she’s one like you or she is just interested in something else about you which could be temporary.


Uncle, please learn…


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