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Over the weekend, I was cleaning my bookshelf and putting away old books so I can find space for new ones. And I stumbled on my poem anthology from way back. I opened and read and I was so nostalgic. Thanks to the fact that I dated some, I wouldn’t have been able to recollect what inspired them. It felt really cool reading your own piece from way back. I would be sharing some of these. Most of it are love inspired…please don’t laugh at me o and pardon any typos you see as I would be sharing unedited…

This was written on 24th July 2011 at 11:32am (I am sure I scribbled while in church cos of the paper it was written on)


I tried to hide it but it’s unconcealable

It’s burning in my heart like a growing fire

I’m getting obsessed

You want it, I don’t

Though my heart very much wants to

It’s becoming so unbearable

I hate this feeling

Feelings that cannot be shared

Feelings that cannot be revealed

Feelings that cannot be explored

What is this?

Your voice echoes so deep in my mind

Even when I tried to forget you

Your actions are ever so presence

Your scent accompanies me

I hear and see you in my dreams

Oh, so obsessed

Obsessed with things we might do

Things we might say

Moments we can share together

Alas, it’s all a dream



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