Today’s Motivation

I was meant to post this on Monday but had a few challenges so I am going to post without editing some parts…


Happy new week DC readers, trust you had a beautiful weekend? So I am changing Today’s Quote to Today’s Motivation as I feel motivation led to the post and that should be the appropriate title.

This morning on my way to work, I just kept having this thought within me as I watched people hasting to get to work early. As I watched, something was telling me that not all this people are happy they are going to work. Not that they are not happy they are engaged at least, but they are not satisfied with what they are doing. I felt there are still some who are only working just for the sake of been employed.


As I ponder on this, I remembered the first job I got after my youth service. The pay was excellent…every fresh graduate will be glad. But let me hint you on the work schedule. You don’t have a closing hour. According to our wonderful boss,  it is a media job, media houses don’t close.


I have my usual resumption time, but whenever boss feels you should resume earlier you just have to resume earlier, be it 6am or 7am irrespective of where you are coming from. So don’t dare travel out of town for the weekend without informing your boss. Aside this, you may be called on a Saturday morning while trying to do your laundry or change your hair look or clean up your house and boss will call you to quickly come to the office and attend to something. And trust me you have to be prompt, he cared less what you have to let go to race your ass down to the office.


And while you are working, forget having time for personal errands. Even when boss is out of town, he keeps calling one staff to give the phone to another just so he is sure you all are in the office. And you can never close unless he leaves even when you have cleared all your to-do for the day!


Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fact that my boss likes sleeping in hotels instead of his own flat. There was this day he was indisposed and he called in sick but we had to move the printers, desktops, laptops and what have you to his hotel room where we all worked so late. Have you ever been in that situation, same room with your boss and you have a deadline to meet? My dear, food will be the last thing on your mind. And you can’t even pick a call…


Loads of other staff came and left me on the job. The highest some staff stayed was two months. I don’t even try to make friends while I was there because before you start getting used to them, they leave. They left not because the pay wasn’t mouth watering but because they couldn’t endured it. Many of these staff would call me and ask why I choose to stay back, I just smile and tell them, “I will, soon.” I spent 5 months there and eventually had to leave as well.


Why, you may ask? Did I get another job?


No but I had developed myself personally and it was time to seek better opportunities. I had learnt that life cannot be rosy at all times. I had grown.


I tried to leave though but each time I attempted to, the chaos that follows was beyond me…(story for another day). 


I learnt three things while I was there:

i) To be a better you, you must be ready to sacrifice your luxury

ii) Personal growth and development is a function of how far you are willing to exploits your hidden talent

iii) You don’t know what you possess until you have been pushed to the wall


I went through a lot. Those that saw me back then would testify to how horrible I looked then because I hardly have time to sleep or take care of myself coupled with the consistent insult from boss but did I learn, yes. Did I grow better, yes. Was I damaged, a little but i healed better.


What are you experiencing now? What challenges are you currently facing that makes you feel you can never be better? My dear, relax. Everything we face in life is a phase that will pass with time. Just try to make yourself a champion out of it and not a loser!

Thanks for reading. I hope this has inspired someone. If you like this post, you might like Do you love your Job?


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