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Hello guys, happy new week. I’ve been away because I have been experiencing a type of writer’s block recently. Faint ideas will just drop in my head but I won’t be able to develop them. And most times, I forget to pen them down and voooooom…it disappears.


While I was going through my reader today, an idea popped in that I should start a new feature on the blog called Today’s Quote. Interestingly, a friend has advised on this before but I don’t know what made me not to start it. So going forward, I will try to make it twice a week for now, I will pick a random post from my Instagram account and post on the blog with a short post attached to it and what was running through my mind while drafting it.


I hope this will be fun…



Image source: Debwritesblog on Instagram

Often times, we meet some people in our lives we can neither say they are a blessing or a curse. The period you spend would be so awesome it would look like the best time of your life. In between, you had moments where you wished you had not met them. And then a day would come when you’d have to say goodbye and you would never find the heart to spill it.


Has this ever happen to anyone? Should such people be called regrets, one of those things or the shit happens kinda… Share your thoughts!


You can also check my instagram page for more quotes by me: Debwritesblog. Have a fabulous week ahead.


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