Keep Your Mouth Shut!



The other night after a long and stressful day at work, I was in a public transport back home and we faced this annoying unusual traffic. I felt well, it was time to catch up on all I have missed on my social media accounts and I brought out my phone to switch in between apps and try to meditate as well on the day’s events.

This dude was sitting beside me and another lady on the other end. He brought out his phone, opened a video and then the next thing I heard was, “This what was what I was watching all through at the office today o, if I had known there’d be traffic, I would have stayed back to continue. I download load of movies on my phone to watch. Let me just resume it now.”
In my mind I was like beht uncle who asked you all this questions na. I did not realize I was just starting.
Then he initiated a discussion with the lady, recounting how interesting the movie is…Naija movie kwa…okay o, kontinui. I think he offered her the other earpiece. I don’t even know how they did that part. Next I knew was that, they were both watching. And then he paused it at a point and gave her a breakdown of what has happened in previous parts as they were watching the third part according to him.

Okay, enjoy in peace and let me enjoy the crazy ride home so I can meditate too. But that clearly wasn’t going to happen. Uncle just became producer, director and script writer with each scene. He was literally explaining each scene out as they were watching.
Angry? No, I was furious…I wanted to talk but I realize I always regrets my actions when I speak when angry. So I just held my tongue in check and had to endure that all through the ride.

In my mind, I was like beht aunty is not dumb na. Afterall she can hear all that is being said, how come you still have to explain? Some people don’t even know how to watch movies sef! Aaaaargh🙀😡 What pissed me off most was the fact that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut in public about something he is viewing privately…why must every other person suffer for it? What if it is a public viewing? I don’t even want to imagine what he would have done!


Please who else has ever been in my shoes and what have you had to do in such situation? Should I address it next time?

Kindly join the discussion…


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