Can you Really Handle the Truth?

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When you ask an average person what his turn offs are, the first thing you’d hear is I hate Lies! These days everybody hate lies. Everybody wants you to tell them the truth. Everybody has suddenly become a saint and they claim they are always 100% truthful.

Personally, I am someone that abhors lies a lot but then I am not always truthful at all times. But while I am being dishonest simply because I am not comfortable saying the truth at that point or because I feel saying the truth will escalate issues, I try to drop a hint of a truth. Reason for this is that, in future I can always say but I mentioned…


Back to the basis for this post, while y’all be saying lies turn you off, how many of you can actually handle the truth?


When you share a true position of a situation with some people, the kind of alarming ha! they will scream can forever shut the gates of hell. Why stress the fact on honesty when you are not prepared for the real truth?


Let’s face it, if you want total honesty. Then you must arm yourself with a shield that can withstand it. Don’t try to make the other party feels like a devil for been truthful or make them wish they had held the truth from you.


Common sense demand that you try to digest the information and think carefully before giving them a response. For someone to have shared a truth with you, they must have trust you well enough. And if you dare make them feel bad about sharing, such a person might find it difficult to trust again.



So while we clamor for truth at all times, let’s ask ourselves if we are really ready to handle the truth…Let’s endeavor not to make the other party feel so bad about themselves for being honest. Yes, I know it hurts. Yes, I know it is hard to swallow but your next action will change a lot about you both…Never forget, nothing good comes easy..


Live, smile, love and learn.


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4 thoughts on “Can you Really Handle the Truth?

  1. Lovely post. Sometimes I think some things a better left unsaid in a relationship. Lmao some truths must be told but in some cases I don’t think it’s needed. The truth can really hurt

    Pearl ||

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  2. Great post. They say ‘wisdom is profitable to direct’, honesty is always good. However, the is a time, a place and a way for it. Sometimes those who want the truth the most cannot handle it…

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