It’s my Birthday!


Birthdays come and go

We celebrate a new year every 365/366 days

We make so much fuss on how we are going to look that day

Oh, I need a new dress

I should make a new different style

I need to look so breathtaking

I need to throw a party

I must get a cake

I need to take a vacation

I must receive enough gifts



But amidst all these, which are as important as you see it

What exactly have you achieved for yourself?

Have you taken time to go through how you’ve spent last year?

Have u ticked off those things on your to-do list?

Any new milestone?

Any difference in your person?

I used to be tripped about all these

Until I realize birthdays remind me I am not a child anymore

I am actually growing older

With more responsibilities

More challenges

And the scary phase called “Adulthood”




I thank God the creator of my life for how far He has brought me

I believe in Him totally that he would see me through this new phase and chapter of my life

I appreciate you all for the birthday wishes

And I look forward to the new challenges Adulthood has to offer

Happy birthday to me!


9 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!

  1. My Sister In Law…
    You know you are so dear to my heart and i love you
    While you are reflecting on the past year for you and you are counting your achievements and success stories, it is also about a year ago i met your sister……
    So as you count your achievements in one year and i count mine, i realized i couldn’t but mention your name again and again.
    Your are a sweetheart and the dearest.
    You inspire me to write and write and write….
    i just want to say thank you for everything and i mean everything. although you are stubborn too, annoying atimes, but most importantly you are sweet, you listen, you are welcoming, accommodating and you undoubtedly will make an excellent wife..
    I have special prayers for you….and they are from the deepest part of my heart……

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  3. Happpppppy birthday to an amazing you!!!! You inspire me you know! May your fountain of reasoning never run dry and may you be forever fresh like a new wine! Your new year is blessed. . . journey with confidence like you already seen the middle and the glorious end! Mwah

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