Do not Cast the Stone Except…

Judgemental people do not bother me but the moment they open their mouth to tell me how I should live my life, I begin to wonder how sane they are.

If you have passed through your teen years, leave the comfort of your parents’ home and gone through the hardship of life to make a better life for yourself, congratulations you are an adult. During these stages, you must have made some vital and terrible decisions, you must have lost a lot of people in your life due to these decisions, you must have cried to sleep every night because you couldn’t make an headway, you must have starved and gone broke. But here you are, a different person from who you used to be- a full adult who makes decisions and stand by them.


Most people hide behind smiles to allow others believe they are happy. Many people go through a lot to appear sane and full of life. Quite a number of people find an alibi in what we see as wrong but then it is the only way for them to smile and pretend to be happy.





I remember a friend of mine who used to believe she is moral and upright and we all respect her for that. Once we make a mistake, we all report to her and she fished out her ideas judging us and making us feel bad about ourselves. Until the day I found her crying, I asked her what’s wrong and after much conviction to share, I realized she’s the most imperfect person I have ever met. She had loads of skeletons in her cupboard and she uses us to feel better.
People will always talk!

Everyone will always have an opinion of how you should live your life, who you should see, who you should talk to, what you should eat and not eat, what you should wear, who you should speak to, who you should marry, the sex of kid you should have, the kind of job you should be doing… but my dearest friend, you are not a kid anymore, you have gone past that stage of your life. It is now time for you to decide how you want to live your life all by yourself.



The most annoying part about this set of people is that they always fail to remove the speck from their eyes first. They will never see the good in you and when they even see it, trust me they will never applaud you but they will be the first to give you an opinion about something wrong they feel you have done.



I believe if anyone need an opinion, they would ask, right? So why speak when you are not asked?
My dear judgmental friend, let me give you a sisterly and friendly advice. Stop bothering yourself about people’s life. Concentrate on yours. No one need to hear it, they know it is wrong but it is what they want to do, if they want your opinion they’d ask for it, stop killing other people’s emotion because you know how to talk, focus on living your own life and making sure you are perfect too, if you cannot say something positive about them- keep shut…



Thanks for reading, I hope someone read this and stop caring less what other people think about them. Learn to move past people’s opinion about you and show them you are way stronger and better…


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