Bottled Emotions Kill Relationships


In every relationship, communication is key. Between friends, spouses, boss-subordinate, pastor-congregation, teacher-student and the likes. Every two people who have found themselves together in a situation that need them to work together, be together or live together need to ensure there’s a constant communication between them to avoid rift.


We are humans and we all have different personality. This personality makes us who we are. Now when two people with different personality come together to be a team, there will definitely be friction. They are not the same people, therefore they would have issues they do not agree on.



People assume.



It is something that happens to us all the time. Now, imagine someone saying a statement like, “Oh Debs, you are so rude.” Irrespective of the way the person might have said it or the number of people present in the room, I would have felt insulted and angry at this individual. To ease the situation, it is best for me to communicate this to the individual in the best way I can and let he or she understand how I do not appreciate the remark. Such fellow will either make a bigger situation out of it or apologize but then, I must have made my position on the matter clear and I would definitely not hold it against that fellow in future.



When people upset you, squash it out immediately. The more you hold on to it, the more damage it will cause on both your part and that of the person. Some will even keep smiling at you while holding out on issues with you, that is more dangerous. You’d see no good about the person, you’d wish they fail, you’d always wish them evil, and the most terrible of all is that you would always speak evil about them to others without even giving them a chance to clear their name with you.



As humans, we’d meet different people in our journey in life. Let’s ensure to create a good relationship at all times. It’s not going to be an easy one but then, communication is key. Speak up at all times. No matter how difficult it is to share, try to say it. It’s going to save you a whole lot of future fights, slander and character defamation.



And it’s going to secure your trust and faith in one another.



Thanks for reading. I hope this has inspired someone. Don’t forget to hit the like and share button and you can leave your thoughts in the comment box below…


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