The Dream


She deeply connect to him

She worships the floor he treads on

Her life begins and ends with his

She allowed her innocence be ripped away

Stolen and possessed

He was the fantasy of every Eve

He amassed himself with women like King Solomon

Until he met Bethsherba

He killed every Uriah in her life

And won for himself a priceless possession

Her entirety revolved around him

He was her semi god

Everyone who knows her, knows him

They shared a lot in common

Except the dream

Miles creep in

Far across mountains and oceans

She grew

He drifted away

The dream gave way to doubts

And just in a moment

The gap was bridged

Two familiar strangers

In a strange world

Entangled in faint memories of lust

The discoveries made her gasped

She died and resurrected

She became a shadow of herself

And of course, he felt he was still her god

The one she can’t stand up to

And just in that moment…he lost her!

P.S: Ever lost someone so dear to you? Not to death, mind you…but you both suddenly becoming strangers to one another. How does it feel? Kindly share in comment box below.

Thanks for reading…


4 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. Love is hard, isn’t it? I can feel the pain behind those words as though they ate mine. Be patient darling, the one who is more deserving will definitely come your way. God’s willing.

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