Just an Extra Effort Please…

Ever felt like giving up

Like just letting everything go

You feel like the walls are closing in and there’s nothing you can do about it

You try your best to reach out but no one seem to be listening

You feel like making it work but it seems like the end

You can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel

It seems like your life is over


Before you give up

Think about how far you have come

Think about the storms you have faced and overcome in the past

Think about the people who look up to you (no matter how few)

Think about what you have planned for your life

Think about the people who have called you a failure to your face

Think about the people that have praised you

Is it worth letting go?

Do you think you can’t do better?

Do you feel this is the worse you will ever face?

Do you think people have not experienced worse?

Cheer up my dear

Nothing good comes easy

Some people find it easy and smooth

Others are not just privileged to have it all rosy

That doesn’t mean you are doomed to fail

It only means something better is coming

Don’t quit totally

Try again

You could just take a step further and have that breakthrough

And it could be several steps further

But whatever it is

Don’t give up

What seems insurmountable today will be a walkover tomorrow

Thanks for reading!



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