The Stalker

“i am
stalking you, my dear.

with my thoughts
my words.
my breath.”
Sanober Khan


His phone beeped

Oh, she just posted another picture on her Instagram

He clicked open

Looked at it for a long time

The caption got his attention

“RIP to the old me, allow me re introduce myself”

“I should take a step to know her

I could actually use this caption to start a conversation”

But then, he got developed a cold feet

What if she ignores him or call him out for trespassing

He scrolled through his Facebook feeds

There, she has just posted a selfie

He couldn’t even click the ‘like‘ button

He just enjoy seeing her but can’t admit it

She is a goddess

There, she has tweeted

“A Sunday well spent bring about a week of content”

How could she have spent her Sunday?

If only it was with him

If only…

SC Stalker
Going through her snap stories make him feel good

At least, he’s getting to know more about her closely

Makes him feel like he knows all about her

He has a little idea about her personality now

And he loved every new thing he is learning about her



Lover of music

Lover of kids

And a foodie who can cook

He couldn’t find the courage to call her

He’d had her number accidentally

And had constantly watch her change her Whatsapp profile picture

Until he find the courage to reach out

He would continue to savor this moment

Relish in its beauty

And be glad he’s right behind the walls

Watching and protecting her

This is a goodwill message to every stalker out there; those who are stalking for a good cause I mean, not the ones who are stalking for selfish purpose and evil intentions, take out time to reach out. You will never know what would become of you both. Just give it a shot on your best behaviour. I wish you all the very best.

Thanks for reading!


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