Sneakers in the Workplace

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” —Christian Dior

There is this notion that sneakers are basically for sport. But I beg to disagree with this. You can actually pull this off as the loosening of the work dress code has changed many things. In recent times, we have seen people pull off sneakers to work and this has just worked out fine.


Instagram: lauraikeji

No more thinking about switching shoes while running errands or in between work hours, no more bent ankles or blisters by lunch time. Don’t you think this is a beautiful idea?
We shall explore this together and you’d be free from HR queries but then be sure your work has no strict policies to dressing, know the occasion before pulling this off and the major rule is keeping it simple.


1. If you own a pair of white Classic Nike, you can pair this off with a pencil skirt and a dark colored blazer. Minimal jewelry is required and a professional lady bag will kill the look.


Instagram: Lauraikeji

Classic Nike


2. The Metallic Kicks is another beautiful pair of sneakers every lady should own. This is quite common in our boutique in recent times. This is similar to our flatwears as it is neither athletic nor sloppy. You can wear with an appropriate matching office set.


Instagram: stylebyeka





3. The Slip-On Sophisticated is a common pair of sneaker. Get a well tailored pant with a matching shirt or a short black dress and slip this on. You’d have gotten some compliments before they’d realize you are rocking a sneaker…lols


Instagram: hollawande

Slip On


4. The Suede Sneaker is similar to the Slip On except the texture is suede. Pair this with a jean and a bold colored top. Cute one for a Friday as you can easily switch from the Professional lady to a casual Miss on a date with the girls!

Suede Sneak

5. People are really going bold with the Colorblock Trainer. This can go well with a denim outfit. From a denim blazer to shirt to dress. All you need do is to match with a professional accessory from bag to earrings to make it look less sporty.

Bright Sneaks

Color block Trainer

6. The Mega Platform is my best of this lot. Just pair this with a flare skirt and tuck in your shirt or matching top. Carry a simple bag and you can add your badass sunshade and you are good to go!


Instagram: iamnini1

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comment, I look forward to hearing your opinion on this. Have a beautiful weekend.


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