Say no More!


‘Every’ lady gossip!
This has become an unconscious habit that occurs where two or three women are gathered.



It has become an interesting pastime that not indulging in makes conversation boring and incomplete. It keeps the female bond stronger. When women begin to gossip, you see them happy and excited. Be it about a guy or fellow female, it is always difficult for them to call it a day.
In my opinion, I have gathered a few reasons why I think women gossips. You can share your view as well in the comment section
Lack of what to Say. When in a group, women enjoy talking about everything. From fashion to music to dance to guys. The moment there’s nothing else to discuss, they pick up a mutual friend and before you know it; they begin to tear her apart by discussing everything there is to her life! From that moment, hate begin to gather momentum in the heart of the hearer. She begins to hate the person based on what she has heard. Go home once the party is over!

Too Know. Whenever a lady hears something about another fellow, the anxiety to share is always like one who cannot wait to try on a new clothe. The fact that she is the first to know is similar to being the first to announce to her hateful mother-in-law that she is finally pregnant just to see the look on her face. While talking about what they’ve heard, they either exaggerate or keep some fact away so as to make the listener endeared to the new information. Do you have to tell it at all?

Spite. Some ladies just hate others for no sane cause. When asked, you hear them give flimsy excuses like she’s too proud. Like what’s your business if she’s proud??? Get over it and move on. Stay with people who are humble and stop spreading hateful words on another.

Ladies can however do without gossiping. Just stay in your lane, avoid unnecessary gathering that will not build you or make you better. Get yourself busy, find something to occupy your time with and then keep your circle as small as possible!


Until I come by again, stay away from that gossip circle…kisses…


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