Single mom

Hello DC lovers, let’s discuss babymama today.

I’m sure the moment I say babymama, a few of my readers will begin to wonder what is she going to write now? Hope she’s not going to support it?

While I am not totally against it (with reasons), I am not in support either. But then some actions calls for some unimaginable decision.

The tag babymama is being used to describe a woman who is a single parent to a child whose father is either a renowned public figure or a nobody. While a lot of people have frowned at its continuity and the way it is being  celebrated in our society, quite a few number have seen it as a way out to becoming famous and rich.

Quite a number of female celebrities we talk about now used to be nobody until the day the tabloids picked up news about their pregnancy for a famous celebrity. From then on, they come into the spotlight and everyone has an opinion about their actions.

The use of condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy have been on our print and electronic media for quite sometime now. But in spite of this increase awareness, many people will give you a million and one reason why they cannot use it. Some people cannot even keep their legs closed while others are just victims of circumstances.

The baby has stayed, what is your next line of action?

The next decision as a single mother whose partner is not ready for marriage is a very tough decision. If she says she cannot raise a child outside wedlock, the destiny of a newborn will be terminated at that point. If she chooses to raise the baby irrespective of society’s opinion, I believe she deserve a kudos. The error has been made, you shouldn’t make more.

Raising a baby is not a day’s job neither is it for lazy people. Every mother deserve an award for raising a child. If a woman chooses to raise a child alone without a father figure, it must have caused her rejection, insults, backlash and so much hate. Our society clearly frowns at kids before marriage. Such children are labeled ‘bastards’ not because they don’t have a father but because they were born out of wedlock. But I believe the choice of a mother giving birth to a child should surpass society’s opinion.

Biko, don’t add to her challenges. If you cannot celebrate her, don’t add to her sorrow with your criticism. Just move on with your opinion and let her live in peace. Most times, we have no idea what people go through except we walk in their shoes.

Let’s learn to live in love at all times and try to empathize with others before casting your judgement!



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