Poisoned Thoughts


What level of anger have you had to endure? How irate have you ever gotten before the fuse blew?

I have never known anger to be so blinding, so hurting, so excruciating, so deafening you can’t hear nothing, you can’t see no one, you can’t even seem to understand your physical environment anymore.

Anger Q
Yes I was there. I was angered to the point I wish death for the perpetrator.

I couldn’t just believe what had happened.

He was wrong, I was right.

All I ever asked for was an apology or even an excuse for the irrational act that could have possibly led to my death or sustaining fatal injuries.

And what did I get?

He walked away! Walked away!!

At that point, I felt I could have mystical powers and at just the wave of my hand, he would fall and die.


For the next one hour, I was so bitter and enraged. I was cussing out and my face was no pleasant sight to behold.
After I manage to get home and took my bathe, I felt better a little.

I sat down to reflect the evening event. And something crossed my mind- you would have been worse than the devil if you were God. At that point, the world ceased to move. Everything was so still.
And I cried. I cried not because of the evil that filled my heart at the point of the incidence but I felt bad because I could even thought of such in the first place. I weep because everyday I erred God, everyday I have directly or indirectly got Him angry and if He had ever reacted towards me, I would have been long gone and forgotten. I wept because I could even conceive evil in my heart towards another. I mourned because I had just murdered someone in my heart.
No matter how much someone have made us unhappy or sad, let us try as much as possible to have a forgiving spirit. Anger only causes more havoc to the damage that has been done. It does no good. We all agree we are human and have a limit to how much we can take, but then, we have control over our actions. Our mind can only initiate ideas but it is our body that make this ideas reality.


Let it go
Revenge is a monstrous cancer that has never resulted to any good. It will bring more agony to the victim than he had  before he choose to revenge. No one is worth your extra energy to cause them pain. I know it hurts so much but let it go. Let it go and move on. It is never going to take away anything from you. The pains are just for that moment, and afterwards no one remember it ever happen.
Please let it go…

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