Perseverance: Major Key to Success


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Cousin: Sis, can I get those materials you used while you were in school?
Me: Materials ke?

Cousin: Yes.

Me: If I still have them intact, I can’t tell where exactly they’d be.

Cousin: Ha! Help me search for them please.


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


The materials in question refers to study handout during my undergraduate days at the university some 7 to 8 years ago.

I remember vividly the struggle to lay hands on those materials back then. Some students will even hoard them until two days to examination. How are you suppose to study some 30 something pages or more in two days? I remember how I try so hard to keep these handouts like my life depend on them. How I feel like a superhero when I give others to make a copy, making me feel like a superhero.

But today, I can’t even remember where I kept them. Not because they are no longer useful but because I have no need for them like I used to then.

What point am I trying to make? Nothing in life is permanent. Everything is but a passing stage. Whatever it is you are passing through at the moment is a phase grooming you for the next stage.
It may seem unbearable now, looks like the end of the road but perseverance is a major key to get crowned at the end of the day.

What kind of challenge are you going through at the moment? Financial? Career? Marital? Education? Spiritual? Health? Whatever it is, there is always an end to it. It won’t last forever except if you give up and allow it take control of you.

Whenever you give up on a cause, you are indirectly saying the cause or challenge should drive you. We are supposed to steer our lives just the way we want it to be. We’d always be face with challenges from time to time but we should remember it is only a phase.

Persevere and fight harder. And tomorrow you’ll have a reason to look back on your yesterday, applaud your courage, straighten your crown and move on like the KING that you are.

Have a productive week ahead.


One thought on “Perseverance: Major Key to Success

  1. Awesome!!! Not even the challenge nor the successes are forever. lets enjoy every moment and be good to one another, making the world a better place… ALL WILL PASS AWAY SOMEDAY


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