March on

New month

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Hello guys, happy new month.

It is another beautiful month. Another opportunity for us to set our priorities right, another day to achieve that which is yet to be achieved, another month to take a leap of faith and work harder towards your objectives, another time to be you.

In this age of unhealthy rivalry, competition, and incessant updates of social achievement, it is difficult for someone to stay true to his or herself. You begin to find yourself struggling to be who you are not, craving for attention, seeking compliments, getting angrily unnecessarily when no one seem to notice you, hating because someone has more social media fame than you do, angry because your friends are getting married and you do not even have a fiancé/fiancee, starving yourself so you can buy a car too.

Abeg who fame don epp???

Success and fame are two separate words. The moment you distinguish between both, the better for you. The fact that you are where you are currently doesn’t mean it is a fixated spot for the rest of your life. Everyone always have a beginning. How will your success story be complete if there are no hitches? Except if you choose shortcuts though which I am sure gives temporary success.

I always advise originality in all aspects. What is the point of trying to be like another person. You are you and should always be you. Trying to model your life after another person is quite different from wanting to be them- understand the difference.

The fact that I like Toke Makinwa a lot does not mean I should continue to struggle to be Toke Makinwa. I can choose to keep up with her, learn a few things I like about her, practice them and see if it can be profitable to me. But it is wrong for me to try to speak the way she speak, dress the way she dresses, adapt her likes and dislikes, eat only the food she eats, listen to her favourite music only…my dear, that is the beginning of insanity.

Originality makes you different from everyone else.

Life will be boring if everyone behaves the same way. Please friends, let us endeavor to unlock that inner god and goddess in us, let us learn to be different.

Be yourself always. You can never be someone else, you can only be you.

Have a fabulous month ahead and be the best you can be everyday. Cheers!



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