Wack Communication: Ladies

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Apologies this is coming almost a fortnight after I promised.

I got contacted by some ‘angry’ guys after the first post was up who believe that some ladies, no matter how much you try to reach out to them will never be friendly. They claim these ‘girls’ have made up their mind not to exchange contact with stranger no matter how sweet mouthed you are. Ladies, do you agree?
I believe every lady has her own weak spot, something that will definitely catch her fancy- money, trips, gifts, ideas, business talks, dance, movies, football, politics, anything at all. Everyone has a subject of interest they cannot resist. A subject that will bring you both closer depending on how vast you are with it.
But then the approach some of these ladies take baffles me. Why do ladies always think any guy that ‘Hi’ them on the street or in their social media inbox or DM wants to date them.

Ladies are quick to respond to same sex greetings rather than opposite sex. They claim these guys do not have an interesting manner of approach, they cannot write good English which irks them, and they cannot keep a good conversation going.
And then I ask how you as a lady would feel if someone keep frustrating your effort just to have a conversation with you? I believe it is not going to take anything away from you if you respond to initial greetings. And then if you realize you guys do not share a common interest or if he is shoving the relationship down your throat, politely tell him you are not interested and wouldn’t mind if he can quit asking you for a relationship.
A guy was telling me of his experience with a lady. According to him, he loved the lady in question because she was into music and dance as he is. According to him, as much he tried starting a conversation with her, he always ended up getting the one word answer. He has never gotten past the how are you greeting because she is never interested in talking. One day, he got tired and forgot all about her.
This is why many girls will remain single all through their lifetime until the intervention of prayers in their life. Shiloh 2016 awaits you.
Girls can form! I will never dispute that but at least let’s try to get to know who we are conversing with first before turning off the chat switch. Nobody will harm you through an innocent conversation. Nobody will coerce you into doing what you do not wish to do. Nobody! That pride will do you no good. Cast it away.
As much as I agree some guys make us bored with how they talk, some do not even know when to stop but girls stop fronting. We all know that outward appearance is packaging.

When you get close to some girls ehn, you will be shocked as to how much of a talkative they are, their annoying eating habit, how some practice that perfect accent before speaking, how dirty their room look, how much of a bad cook they are – 0yard wife material– LOL, how house work made them angry, how much laundry they pile before washing, those tummy trimmer and fake butt pad that make them appear like Kim Kardashian. Fe-male! Take it easy on those guys, you yourself aren’t perfect.

It won’t be a bad idea for you to groom him to your taste now. Even if you will not marry him, teach him a thing or two you think he would need to catch the next girl- friendzone him if possible. Guys, I did not say that o. Make him a better person than you met him, don’t just discard him like that. Is it not someone that made you become a better person than you were too? Let’s try not to be a quick judge.
If I go MIA for the next few days, just know that the Female Association for Perfection (if that exists anyway) has fried me…until then byeeeeee.
Please feel free to drop your comments.


9 thoughts on “Wack Communication: Ladies

  1. Nice composition. Meanwhile those of you ranting “back him off “,”don’t give him an inch”, I pitty ur life. Why don’t we try and be friend builder rather than zappers, we do no tknow whom we might be perching on sometimes in future. I have a friend I was supposed to date but we handled it maturely and today we are best friends. I am of opinion that ladies should change their attitudes when been asked hand in relationship don’t just turn off the lamp. Make suggestion and be matured about it.
    Luv u all. Good work blogger

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