Thou Shalt Not Judge

Sometimes, some things happen to people and we are always the first to judge or criticize them. We always believe our opinion and selfish judgement in every situation is always welcome. Just because you have a little edge over someone does not make you an advocator over the person’s affair neither does it makes you better and perfect.
Remember no one is ‘anti-mistakes.’ When some people open their mouth to judge you ehn, your life would seem like it is completely finished.The fact that your life looks perfect and everyone sees the perfect side of you does not mean you have never had a bad day.gavel
Why then are you the first to always come out to condemn that student who has just failed an exam? You begin to illustrate how you have always being an A student who never failed an exam or even had a B. You’ll be the first to insult that lady whose husband has cheated on her again, asking her why she has not left him already or telling her she’s too much of a career woman who does not give time to her husband. Why do you conclude that Nneka’s uncurvy figure has made her single up till now? Why do you assume it is because John cannot dress well, that is why he has not gotten that job? Why are you the first to judge that woman who has no child yet as been wayward during her single days?
Nobody can claim to have lived a perfect life devoid of errors. Let no one make us feel less human than we are. Everyone has experienced a bad day or downtime at one time or the other of their lives. It is just the way many of us accept failure that determines how we are ready to start again.
Be careful who you rush to whenever you are having a challenge. Before you rush out casting yourself:
 Take a deep breath. Calm down your nerves. Cry out in your closet if need be. You can even bring out all your clothes and begin to arrange them back in. Upturn the table if that would make you smile again.
 Figure out why that mistake has occurred. Think about where you got it wrong. There must have been something you have done or said wrong that must have triggered the mistake. Try not to see it as another person’s fault.
 Be flexible. Try not to use the same approach in handling the challenge again when faced with another. In other for your attempts to be effective, you need to change your approach each time you try.
 Bounce back. Avoid going into a recluse after a setback or criticism. What people are saying about you cannot determine how far you will go. It is up to you to choose which way you want the world to see you. It is up to you to determine how far you want to go before you give up. You are a champion and a winner and always see yourself as one. As much as you feel weighed down and weak at the moment, someone somewhere is facing a worse challenge than you are. As long as you live, you can always do better.
You are meant to win. You are created to face challenges and mount them. Why then are you still looking up to people to pick you up? Get up, dust yourself, pick up that crown and move on.
When next I see you, I want to meet a king. #winks


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